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A Single Day of Peace

Be Different,

Be Inspired,
Be Great.


"An inspiring self-help novel that will uplift your spirit and guide you to live a more fulfilled life."

Achieve a More Happy and Successful Life 

The inspiration for this book came from the desire to help people improve their lives while better connecting to their spirituality. To make the world a better place by helping people find THEIR better place. To provide direction for anyone that is seeking self-improvement, growth, navigating their spiritual journey, desire for personal strength, want more fulfillment, happiness and success.                       

We all have parts of our lives that are flourishing and parts that need healing. Things we would like to change and improve. We all have struggles, set-backs, regrets, dreams, blessings and opportunities. The proper mindset and actions we put to these life circumstances makes all the difference. Hopefully this book’s message will help you on your journey.


The teachings of this “self-help” book are delivered through a fictional story. The novel is based on the character Mark Tossi who was a very successful business executive. He experiences a dramatic life event and decides to take his proven leadership skills and lifelong deep spiritual beliefs to become a Catholic Priest. As a Catholic Priest he sees first hand the failing ways of the Church and witnesses the losing of the Church’s following. He challenges the traditions and through his sermons and media attention, he provides a bold and controversial view of how to become more spiritual, happy and successful. Through his unique approach and stunning prediction as to what would happen to Jesus Christ if he were to return, the church rejects him. All while achieving millions of inspired followers. He furthers his spiritual journey by traveling to Spain and experiences the Camino de Santiago. The outcome of this journey is his 50 daily principles to guide people to experience a happier and more successful life, one single day of peace at a time.